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Keeping Kids In Play Mode

We know when our kids are not well, they aren't able to play or participate as they normally do. We understand that a child's limited vocabulary limits them from describing what is bothering them. So we take children's wellness visits seriously and pay careful attention to their loss of energy, or displays of pain and we're committed to listening and taking your observations seriously to figure out what is going on.

Top 5 Reasons for a Pediatric Appointment

  1. Well Child Visit
  2. Fever/Cold Symptoms
  3. Rash
  4. Immunizations
  5. Injury

"I love being part of your families healthcare team.  Whether this is your first child or your fourth, I'm here to guide you and answer your questions. Allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your child's health or for those incredibly scary moments when your child is either sick or hurt."

Susan Gillispie, FNP

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