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Insurances That Accept Us:

1. Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Insurances

2. Worker's Compensation For On-The-Job Injuries

3. All insurances for Urgent Care





In-Network Primary Care Providers With (But Please Call Your Insurance To Verify):



1. Is my United provider covered by my plan?

2. What is my deductible or c0-payment?

3. Are preventive or well visits covered?




We share job duties.

These are the types of things we can help you with; 

1. Do I need a referral to see a specialist?

2. My medication needs a prior authorization, what should I do??

3. I'm not feeling well, should I come in and be seen?


4. I'm looking at my lab results on the patient portal and have questions.

1. Oregon Medicaid

2. Pacific Source

3. Moda

4. HealthNet

5. First Choice Health




6. LifeWise

7. Aetna

8. Medicare

9. Cigna

10. Regence


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